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Getting started
What computer/operating environment do I need?
You will need Internet Explorer version 9 or above, or preferably Chrome or Firefox.
Because this is browser based, you can use either Windows (any OS) or Mac OS X.
Can I use Workcloud on my smartphone or tablet?
Yes, if you have an iPhone / iPad or Android device.
Is there any restriction on number of employees I can add?
No, you can add as many employees as your company has.
Is there multi-language display for our employees?
Yes, we support both Japanese and English display.
What kind of security do you have?
All internet traffic is over 256 bit SSL (same as internet banking web sites).
Do we need to back up our data?
No, your data in Workcloud is automatically backed up every day for a 30 day window.
What do we have to do when there are social insurance or tax law changes?
Except for health unions and pension fund changes. you don't have to do anything; all changes are done automatically on our servers.
Time tracking
What is your SUICA application?
You can download our Android CardReader app for the Google Nexus 7 tablet,
and then use your employee SUICA cards to check in and out every day - get rid of paper time cards!"
You can also buy ID cards cheaply on Amazon.
Do you handle included overtime?
We handle included overtime on a weekly or monthly basis.
Can our employees check in/out without the Android card reader application?
Yes, you can check in/out with any supported browser on your phone, tablet, or PC.
Can employees check in or out outside of the office?
Yes, employees can check in or out from home or their mobile phone. Depending on the setting, supervisor approval will be required.
Can you handle check in/out for multiple locations like restaurants or stores?
You easily can set up multiple location time tracking with Workcloud.
Do you handle flex-time employees.
You can set up employees with overtime tracking on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For monthly flex employees, you can also set up core working hours.
Do you have reminders when employees have forgotten to check in or out?
Yes, we send periodic reminders by email.
Vacation management
What type of holiday allowance allocation methods do you support?
We support (1) allocation on employee start date anniversary or (2) a fixed month during the year.
Do you automatically calculate allocated paid holiday days each year?
After you select your allowance method, we use that to automatically allocate a new holiday allowance each year.
Do you handle roll over of unused holidays to a new allocation year?
Any unused and unexpired holidays in an employee's annual holiday allocation are rolled to the next year when a new allocation is calculated automatically.
Furthermore, you can also set the order of how holidays are to be used, and holiday allowances will be automatically expired accordingly.
Approvals management
How do approvals work in Workcloud?
Requests are made online by employees (any device), and supervisors get both emails and on-site notifications.
Supervisors can respond with one click through emails or on-site, or mass approve a bunch at once with one click.
Payroll calculation & payslips
Can we use our own health union or pension fund?
You can set your payroll to use the rates from your health union or pension fund.
New and exiting employees
Do you generate social insurance forms for incoming and departing employees?
We generate PDF files that you can print and send to the social insurance and templates
for filling in tax forms for these employees.
Organization & teams
Can I create teams within teams (nested teams)?
You can create any number of levels of nested teams, to match your organizational structure.
Are there organization charts?
There are side-oriented organizational charts for employees to view.
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