Other convenience features

Reminders: Let Workcloud take care of chasing after employees to complete timesheets, expense reports, or other deadlines.
We'll automatically send reminders to the stragglers, and you'll be notified only when it interferes with payroll calculation.
We also send reminders to admins for key HR and payroll milestones, such as employee end-of-probation dates, social insurance form submission deadlines, and payment dates.
Notifications: Just to keep everyone in the loop, we send out notifications when events or changes occur, such as when employees are out of the office and pretty much anything else that everyone needs to know.
Once your data is in Workcloud, output it in any a multitude of ways to help your decision making or monthly processing.
We also have a multitude of reports for your admin to use everyday:
  • Monthly payroll report
  • Monthly work times summary, etc
Use Workcloud on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, from anywhere!
Workcloud is the only service in Japan to offer HR cloud software with a fully native English interface. Every feature is available in English.
If you have multiple locations or offices, add them to Workcloud and map your employees to each location.
Learn more about Ascender's Workcloud platform.
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