Employee expenses

Expenses are yet another spreadsheet and paper quagmire - enter data, print, sign, pass on, approve, re-enter data.
With Workcloud, have your employees enter their expenses online, and have that data flow smoothly all the way through approvals, accounting verification, and finally into the payslip details, without wasting anyone's time.
We also let you keep track of expense prepayments and have them automatically be offset against submitted reports. Prepayments are expense payments made in advance of an expenditure.
Import data from your credit cards and expense tracking mobile apps to easily create expense reports.
Attach images and PDFs of receipts or invoices for quick reference in the future. Search for any past expense items to make sure you haven't missed any payments.
You can also forward emails to Workcloud and we'll convert the mail or attachments into expense reports automatically!
Make your accounting admin's life easy with Workcloud - one click verification of expense reports and receipts and then payments are automatically included in monthly payslips (or pay separately if that's your policy).
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