Payroll management

Let Workcloud gather all of the information you need for payroll (timesheets, overtime, vacation, salary changes).
Then one click to generate payslips - we'll let you know if something has changed.
We'll also automatically send out payslip notifications on the payroll date, with PDF payslip attachments.
Employees can view their entire payslip history online or on their smartphones, or download any payslip in PDF format.
We have a wide array of settings for payroll and vacation policies to tailor Workcloud to your exact policies, all settable through easy-to-follow guidance wizards, so even a novice can set up your company.
If your company uses health unions or pension funds aside from the national programs, we have that covered too - just enter your policy information and payroll will be calculated accordingly.
Set up any number of additional allowances or deductions for your payslips, to match each employee's compensation structure.
We also have overnight business trip tracking, with business trip allowances automatically calculated, based on the employee's title.
Set up any number of annual bonuses (e.g. summer / winter bonuses) and have them automatically calculated and added to payslips, or set up one-time performance bonuses that supervisors can enter, like salesman performance bonuses.
Our easy workflow covers everything from gathering employee information to printing tax returns for the tax offices and your employees. See more details
Workcloud handles hourly and monthly-based compensation, as well as a all of the common employee types (director, full time, part time, contract worker).
You can also add more custom employee types to match your current company settings.
Learn more about Ascender's Workcloud platform.
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