Safety & security

Use our excel templates to your current staff information quickly into Workcloud. Our guided wizard will make this an easy, painless process.
Furthermore, we have help and guidance throughout all of our pages, to help both your employees and admins quickly get their job done, without getting lost.
Security is of utmost importance to us, because of the sensitive information that is stored in Workcloud.
Our service uses only encrypted communication between your browser and our servers (like bank sites).
We use the latest security best-practices for our code and our servers have extremely limited access.
In Workcloud, there are multiple levels of access rights to employee data and reports, so that only the right people see restricted data.
Currently the defined access roles are Executive, Admin, Payroll Manager, Accounting, Supervisor.
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We'l get back to you within 24 hours at the latest, but usually reply within two hours.
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