Time off management

Are you still tracking employee holidays and annual holiday allowance allocations in a spreadsheet?
Are you tired of figuring out how many days are supposed to rollover each year?
Let Workcloud do all of that calculation for you, automatically. Even if you allocate holidays each year in the same month or based on the employee's start date, we've got all of those cases covered.
Let your employees request time off against their holiday allowances in an easy to use, quick interaction, on any device.
You can set the time off units according to your company policy - full day, half day, or by the hour.
Holiday balances and time off history are also viewable online in real-time.
In addition to annual holiday balances, we also track other time off and absences, like substitute holidays, compensation holidays for work done on holidays, unpaid sick days, and extended absences.
Set your own company special holiday dates, like Obon, or year-end holidays, as well as any special holiday allocations for employees like wedding holidays or grievance holidays.
Let your employees monitor their team members' absences through a shared calendar, either at the team level of entire company level.
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