Time tracking

Use Workcloud in a browser to replace your punch-card machine.
You can restrict access to the punch-card functionality to your office location by setting your IP address.
Simplify your employees' time tracking even more with our Android card reader application.
Employees only need to swipe their SUICA or PASMO cards over the Google Nexus 7 tablet (around Y20,000 on Amazon) and their times will be automatically recorded.
If you allow your employees enter their own work times, have them use our spreadsheet editor to easily enter multiple days at once.
There are a number of time-saving features to make time entry painless.
Whenever an employee clocks in / out or enters a work time, overtime hours are calculated real time, so you can keep track of your overtime levels.
We handle every type of overtime (company overtime @ 100% base pay, legal overtime, late night, and legal holiday overtime).
Each overtime type can be turned on or off to match your current compensation structures.
Finally, we also handle overtime based on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Learn more about Ascender's Workcloud platform.
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